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What do I need to have to rent a car?
Original documents: passport and driving license.
For citizens of Thailand: credit card, ID, driving license.
Do I need an international driving license to rent a car?
A national driving license is enough to rent a car from MAKS Car Rental. It is valid for the insurance company which insures our vehicles. However, we recommend that you obtain an international driving license due to frequent complaints from Thailand’s traffic police.
What is the minimum age to rent a car?
The minimum age to rent a car from us is 18 years old.
How can I book a car?
  • Fill in the form on the website
  • You will receive an email with your request details.
  • Our managers will contact you within 24 hours.
  • If it is possible to book your chosen car, you will receive bank details for prepayment of 3000 baht.
  • Send us confirmation after payment.
  • Within 24 hours you will receive a voucher - booking confirmation.

  • Or you can come to our office and book a car by paying a deposit.

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    Will I get a refund if I cancel a prepaid booking?
    The company does not return prepayments for cancelled bookings.
    Will I get a refund if I return the car before the agreed date?
    If the car is returned before the specified term, the Lessor reserves the right not to issue a refund for unused days.
    What time should the car be returned?
    The car should be returned at the same time it was rented.
    What are the penalties for late car return?
    For a delay of 2-4 hours – an additional charge of ½ day.
    For a delay of 4 hours and more – an additional charge of 1 day
    How are your vehicles insured?

    You can familiarize with insurance policies by the following link:
    Insurance of rental cars in Thailand

    All MAKS Car Rental vehicles are insured for commercial use (car rental insurance) with an excess of 5000 baht for passenger cars and 7000 for SUVs, pickups, 7 seater cars and minivans. The excess (deductible) applies to each insured event.

    The insurance includes the following:

    • CDW - Collision Damage Waiver (Third Party damage insurance)

    • LDW- Loss Damage Waiver (insurance for vehicle damage or loss)

    • TP – Theft protection (insurance from theft)

    Insurance coverage:

    1. Third Party damage compensation

      • In cases of personal injury or death covers up to 1 million baht per person, but not more than 10 million baht per insurance event

      • In case of third party property damage, the maximum coverage is up to 1 million baht per insurance event by CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) + LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) + TP (theft protection). This insurance includes an excess of 5000 baht for passenger cars and 7000 for SUVs, pickups, 7 seater cars and minivans.

    2. Compensation for damage or theft of the rented vehicle.

    3. All damage is covered except the sum of the excess.

    4. Damage compensation to the Renter (driver) and his/her passengers.

    5. In cases of bodily injury or death – up to 100,000 baht per person.

    You can buy SCDW premium insurance (with zero excess), where the deductible will be 0.

    SCDW (insurance with a zero excess) for passenger cars will cost an extra 214 baht per day, but not more than 3210 baht per month.

    For SUVs, pickups, 7 seater cars and minivans – 321 baht per day, but not more than 4815 baht per month.

    What is Excess (deductible)?

    To prevent careless driving and car use, all insurance companies in Thailand collect a deductible amount (excess).

    If you are at fault for the damages to the car, then the sum corresponding to this damage will be deducted from the sum of the deductible.

    In other words, a deductible amount is the maximum amount of your liability for the rented car. The deductible applies to each insured event.

    The deductible is non-refundable if the car is carjacked.

    If you are not at fault in a car accident, you will get the sum of the deductible (deposit) back in full when you return the car.

    Will I lose the deposit if the car was damaged while I was not in it or if a stone broke my windshield?
    For all damages, caused by a third party, whose guilt cannot be established, and for damages caused by animals or inanimate objects (stones, trees etc.), the Renter shall pay within the limits of the deductible sum.
    Will I lose the deposit if I am sure that the car crash was not my fault and there is some evidence of this, for example, dashboard camera recording, witness statement etc, but I have no document from the insurance company, confirming my innocence?
    In this case, we keep your deposit until you provide us with a document from the insurance company confirming your innocence. Our company does not provide legal services and does not take part in solving conflicts and arguments between drivers involved in accidents.
    Can I let another driver drive the car?
    Any person with a driving license can drive the car, but the Renter is responsible for the vehicle.
    Do I need to have a credit card to rent a car?

    Credit card is required only for Thai citizens.

    Citizens of other countries don’t need to have a credit card to rent a car from us.

    You can pay the rental sum and deposit with a bank card if you want. A 3 % commission is taken for credit card payments.

    Can you bring the car to the hotel / pick it up from the hotel?

    We can deliver / pick-up from Pattaya upon agreement.

    If you rent for 7 days or more, – delivery is free of charge.
    Map of free delivery in Pattaya (7+ days contract)

    If you rent the car for 3-6 days, there is a 150 - 300 baht one way delivery charge.

    For further distances outside Pattaya, please contact our manager.

    Can I pick up or return the car at Bangkok airport (Bangkok city or another city)?

    You can pick up / return the car at Bangkok airport (only Suvarnabhumi airport) if agreed in advance.

    During opening hours from 10.00 to 18.00

    Cost - 1600 baht one way.

    Unfortunately, we don’t offer this to Bangkok city or other towns.

    Look at the alternative to pick up / return the car to Bangkok airport (Suvarnabhumi) if you are going to stay in Pattaya.

    We can book a transfer from or to Bangkok airport (Suvarnabhumi)

    The taxi driver will meet you at the airport with a MAKS Car Rental sign and bring you to our Pattaya office where you pick up the car. If you arrive outside our opening hours, you will be taken to your hotel and you will get your car the next day at the agreed time.

    Transfer cost:

    1300 baht - Toyota Corolla (3 seats),

    1600 baht - Toyota Innova (5 seats),

    2000 baht - Toyota Commuter minibus (8 seats)

    We offer transfer services from our parking lot or your hotel to the airport.

    You can pick up or return the car from our office during opening hours from 10.00 to 18.00, seven days a week.

    Do I need a GPS navigator in Thailand?
    We recommend using GPS. It is very convenient, because normally the streets and house numbers are not indicated. The signposts are only on main roads while smaller signposts are only in Thai. In addition, the GPS memory stores many points of interest in Thailand.
    What should I do if I have an accident with a rented car?

    Do not panic.

    Inform our company representative.

    Call the insurance company.

    Do this even if you think the damage is insignificant and you have a zero-deductible SCDW. Otherwise, it might turn out that your case will not be acknowledged as insurable and insurance conditions will not be applied

    What financial losses should the Renter expect in the event of a road accident?

    If you are at fault in a road accident, your maximum loss may be up to 5000 baht (7000 baht for SUVs, pickups, 7 seater cars and minivans) depending on the vehicle damage.

    For example, if you scratch the door and its repair costs 1500 baht, you will only lose this sum. If the damage sum is 200,000 baht, you will only lose the sum of the excess, that is 5000 baht (7000 baht for SUVs, pickups, 7 seater cars and minivans).

    If you are not at fault for a car crash, you will lose absolutely nothing. You will need to present a document from the insurance company which confirms your innocence.

    Does the renter pay for the time the car spends at the car service after a road accident?
    Our company will provide a free courtesy vehicle and you won’t have to pay for the time the car is out of service even if you are at fault in a car crash.
    How to fuel a car at a gas station in Thailand.
    Most gas stations have refueling operators. Just give them the money you want to spend on fueling and tell them what type of gas you need. You can pay with a credit card, but this will take more time.
    How can I make a security deposit for a car? How quickly will I get it back?

    You can make a security deposit in cash or with a credit card. It will be returned immediately (only in cash) after the vehicle has been returned and inspected by one of our employees.

    How much will it cost me to rent a car in Thailand?

    The rental cost depends on many factors: car type, terms and sometimes rental season, number and type of insurances. You can get accurate information on our site by filling in the order form.

    Is it worth renting a car in Thailand?
    If you rent a car, you will be able to visit lots of interesting places and have the freedom to choose where to stay. Other reasons for renting a car in Thailand include the decent roads and the quite good driving culture.
    If you did not find an answer to your question
    send an email to: makscarrent@gmail.com. We will answer you as soon as we can.
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