Anyone who has ever lived in a tourist destination, especially a beach destination knows the question, "Where is the Best Place to Stay in Pattaya?" Sometimes to answer that question you must ask another question, "What do you want to do while you are here in Thailand?" This answer will be different for everyone, some will want to be in the center of everything, Walking Street, night time activities, while others may want to enjoy shopping and golfing, while still others want to make day trips or just lounge by the beach. Pattaya is a central location that is very good to reach quite a few places of interest in Thailand. The Pattaya area or Nongprue, Chonburi is made up of 9 distinct neighborhoods, from Nakluea in the north to Na Jomtien Beach in the south.



Na Kluea and Wongamat Beach are the northern areas of what would be considered Pattaya. Na Kluea is an old fishing village with salt flats for harvesting salt from the sea. The town center is small and the pace of life is slow. There are a number of luxury high rise condos in the area, and one of the most famous temples in all of Thailand, the Sanctuary of Truth is located here. The wooden temple in a perpetual state of carving right along the seashore built by an eccentric millionaire.


North Pattaya

The area of Northe Pattaya is where Highway 7 and Sukhumviht Road meet. It is known for it's bar scene showcasing live music with Thai musicians travelling from all parts of Thailand to perform here. North Pattaya draws both Thais and foreigners alike who have an appreciation for live music. It is off the beach so the cost to stay in a hotel or guest house in North Pattaya is among the least expensive. The main bus station with service to Morchit, Ekamai, and the Sourthern Bus terminal in Bangkok is located on North Pattaya Road. North Pattaya Road heading toward the beach hits the roundabout and goes right toward Na Kluea or left toward Central Pattaya Beach.


Central Pattaya

For Shopping Central Pattaya is the winner. Central Festival is Asia's largest seaside shopping mall. Soaring six stories into the sky Central Festival is right in the center of the half moon that is Pattaya Bay. The glass wall looking out over the ocean is breathtaking. The mall has over 50 options for dining from steak house, to sushi, to classic American burger joints, and a giant food court that serves beer, and cocktails. A multitude of department stores and brands from around the globe can be found all at Central. Attached to the mall is the Hilton Hotel Pattaya offering luxury accommodations and another 5 dining options.


Walking Street

At the end of Beach Road, you will arrive at Walking Street, which closes to all cars, trucks, and motorbikes at 7:00 pm daily and allows for tourists to walk safely amogn the bars, clubs, and restaurants all night long. Walking Street is lined with Go Go Bars, Seafood Dining, and Discoteques. The neon lights encompass all of Pattaya's night life. Bali Hai pier is at the top of Walking Street. Being overlooked by the Pattaya sign.


South Pattaya

South Pattaya Road is where drivers must turn when Walking Street is closed for the evenings. South Pattaya is filled with expats living locally, there are schools, temples, shopping and residential neighborhoods both with high rise condos, and low rise, and housing villages.


Pratumnak Hill

Nestled in between So. Pattaya and Jomtien Beach is a little area referred to as Pratumank Hill, or Big Buddha Mountain. This is the most sought after residential area in Pattaya, the hills catch the breezes that Pattaya is named for. The largest Golden Buddha in Chonburi province resides on the hill, and even the royal family has a residence here. The beach at the foot of Pratumnak Hill is a favorite of locals because of the panoramic views of Pattaya and Jomtien. Pratumnak Hill is also very quiet and very peaceful, all while being located at the epicenter of everything.


East Pattaya AKA the Darkside of Pattaya

If you are traveling down Suhumviht Road from Bangkok toward Jomtien you will see there are some left hand turns off the road. Soi Siam Country Club, Soi 53, Soi Khao Noi, and Soi Khao Talo Road all lead into East Pattaya, where the local expats live with the Thais. Across the road is an entire community filled with local Go Go bars, beer bars, short time hotels, and housing villages, much like you would see in a suburbun neighborhood in any Western nation. These housing villages are gated with varying levels of security, and extravagance. Most are made up of town homes in the front, followed by detached homes, and then some mansions on the perimeter or in the back of the villages. This is a very residential area, several international schools to choose from, temples, markets, and convenience stores. There is even a large lake about 15 km out, and several golf courses.


Jomtien Beach

Jomtien Beach is home to Chonburi province immigration on Jomtien Beach Soi 5, and MAKS Car Rental is just down the road on Soi Wat Boonkanchana. Jomtien Beach is a smaller seaside town that attracted many Russian tourists over the last ten years. There are a number of businesses that cater to Russian clientele and it is not uncommon to find signs for businesses written in 3 languages, Thai, English and Russian. In addition to Russian expats there is a small French community and a French school, a number of Germans, and other European expats. Jomtien Beach offers good shopping at their night market, and the Food Land is located there which has a great international food selection.


Na Jomtien Beach

The last community to round out the Pattaya metropolitan area is Na Jomtien Beach. This community has some of the largest boutique buildings. The Ocean Marina Yacht Club is in Na Jomtien, a mere 40 minutes from U-Tapao International Airport in Rayong.


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