Difference Driving In Thailand To UK or Europe



Driving for the first time in Thailand can be a daunting experience, in fact being a pedestrian in Thailand can be a very scary experience.

And if you have just arrived in Pattaya and considering renting a car from MAKS Car Hire, then you should really be aware of what the habits are of the other road users in the Kingdom.

Driving On The Left

The good news for visitors from the UK is that the official side of the road to drive on in Thailand is the left. In the main the majority of car drivers adhere to this principle but do not get complacent, many bikes, scooters, assorted carts and some cars do not.

It is common to see impatient Thai drivers overtaking a whole cue of traffic at lights on the wrong side of the road, then to swerve dangerously in front of a stationary vehicle to avoid a bus or some other unaware motorist heading straight at it.

This is a common practice, and in other countries would be the cause of severe road rage and justifiably so. But in Pattaya it seems acceptable, no matter how dangerous the practice is.

New drivers to Thailand should be aware that motorbikes frequently flaunt the “driving on the left” rule, day and night.  And pedestrians should also be aware it is common for scooters to use the pavements and believe they have right of way.

Turning Left

At most junctions even though the traffic lights are showing red, it is permitted to filter left with the oncoming traffic. This surprisingly works well and European countries could do better than adopt this system.

However, if you are not used to this habit you may be a little surprised if a car suddenly swerves out from a junction to join in with your right turning stream of traffic. Just ease off the gas a touch and permit them to join the traffic flow, it works very well and keeps the traffic flowing.

Flashing Of Headlights

When Thai drivers flash their headlights at you it can mean a few different things. But one thing is certain, it does not mean “after you” or “you are clear to go” as it does in the UK.

Most of the time it means “here I am, watch out for me” in other words get out of the way and don’t obstruct the highway. The sensible attitude to take whenever this happens, is to stay where you are until the situation has passed, then move when the situation is clear.

Do not be daunted about driving in Thailand, just make sure you are vigilant at all times. Stay calm and don’t let other driver’s impatience rush you into an action you would not normally take. If you follow these few pointers then you should have a memorable time discovering the highways and byways of Thailand.

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