There are a number of company's to choose from when it comes to Pattaya car rentals. With so many companies to choose from we thought we would offer some helpful tips that we have learned along the way to serve our customers better. We at MAKS Car Rental in Pattaya have found that the majority of our clients main concern is safety. This comes as no surprise as the roads in Thailand are notorious for being dangerous, and Thai drivers do not have the best reputation. When considering your next Pattaya car rental we suggest that you too consider safety at the top of your priority list.

Late Model Car Rentals in Pattaya

There are many different places to rent a car in Pattaya. The biggest difference is in the cars that are available. Unlike some of our competitors MAKS Car Rental has only late model cars, trucks and vans in the rental fleet. You won't find anything 8, or even 10 years old like some of the stories we have heard. No matter how well a 10 year old car is maintained it still runs a much higher risk of breaking down that a car half that age. Which is about the limit for MAKS Car Rental, you will find a few of the economy cars that may be as old as 6 years but once they get to that point they are sold off and replaced.

All Pattaya Car Rentals Serviced and Maintained by Authorized Dealers

MAKS Car Rental depends on a solid customer base of returning customers. Since 2008 MAKS has served well over 5,000 guests many of them on multiple occasions. The reason clients come back time and again is because they know they can rely on the cars. One of the latest 5 star reviews on Facebook talks about having trouble with the tires on the rental. The renter was instructed to take it to a specific service station and nothing was paid out of pocket. MAKS Car Rental took care of all expenses via telephone and the customer left a 5 star review. MAKS has built solid relationships with the service centers in town, and it is no wonder as the fleet is now over 100 strong.

Full Insurance Offered on All Pattaya Car Rentals from MAKS

When considering a rental car in Pattaya, insurance is an absolute must. All cars, trucks, vans and SUVs for rent at MAKS Car Rental come with the minimum insurance included and additional insurance may be purchased depending on your needs. If you need help selecting an appropriate insurance package please speak to a staff member and let them know how long you will be renting, and what your main purpose for driving will be and you will be advised on which plan would be best for you. Everyone's needs are a little different and at MAKS we believe in choice to keep things simple. Whether you are renting for 3 days, 2 months, or 1 year MAKS has a rental solution for your vehicle needs in Pattaya.

One Child Safety Seat Included for Free with your Pattaya Car Rental

When one drives in Thailand you may notice that the typical road rules that apply in the west do not necessarily apply in the Land of Smiles. You will see babies on motorbikes, trucks driving down the wrong side of the road, cars using the sidewalk as an additional lane, and hardly anyone wears a seatbelt. It is not uncommon to see babies that have never been in a child seat. MAKS Car Rental depends on repeat clients and many of them are families. Every rental comes with a free optional child seat and additional seats may be added if you have more children. Simply indicate on the online booking form or let a customer service rep know the age, height, and weight for an appropriate seat.

GPS Available for Any Pattaya Car Rental

MAKS Car Rental in Pattaya was the first to include GPS in all vehicle rentals. Whether you will be commuting to work, or sightseeing on holiday having the GPS on the confusing roads of Thailand can make your drive a lot more pleasant. If you find yourself with some time on your hands and you fancy a road trip MAKS has put together a list of 10 Great Road Trips from Pattaya in your Rental Car

FREE Hotel Delivery for your Car Rental in Pattaya

On any rental of 7 days or more customers enjoy FREE delivery to Pattaya Hotels, condos, or homes. Choose from pick up at our convenient location in Jomtien Beach or let us bring you the car rental direct to you. Whatever option is easier for you.

Airport Transfer Available for your Car Rental in Pattaya

For the ultimate convenience when renting a car in Pattaya get delivery to any of the airports that service Pattaya. A driver can meet you when you land and turn over the car to you and take care of all paperwork whilst delivering your car, truck, van, or SUV directly to you. There is a nominal fee for this service and can be worked into the daily rental cost.

If you have any additional questions or concerns before renting, visit the Contact Us page or to secure your rental car, SUV, minivan or truck in Pattaya simply fill out the contact form on the Fleet page.