How To Choose The Right Car For Your Rental

If you are renting a car in Pattaya you cannot do much better than MAKS Car Hire located just off Jomtien Second Road. We have a superb fleet of vehicles that are well maintained and with low mileage.

The problem you may have is trying to choose the vehicle that you need for your excursion or tour. MAKS Car Hire have superb rates, but don’t let price always be the deciding factor in your car rental.

Prices start at less than 500 THB (Low Season) per day and there is unlimited mileage if you hire your vehicle for one week or more. Selecting your vehicle really depends on what kind of trip you are renting for.

Pattaya Shopping Trips

Renting a car for running around Pattaya city it would be wise to choose something appropriate for Pattaya traffic. Depending how many people are in your party the advice would be something compact and easy to manoeuvre, that can fit down the small soi’s and alleyways that are so prominent in Pattaya.

MAKS Car Hire have ideal small compact sedans that would fit the bill nicely, cars such as: Nissan MarchToyota YarisToyota Vios, and Honda Jazz. Most available as automatic but also manual transmission if you prefer.

Extended Tours

Many visitors and residents hire a car from MAKS Car Hire in Pattaya for an extended touring holiday for the family. The Highways of Thailand are excellent with good surfaces and wide lanes, and a large sedan is ideal for lengthy journeys.

It is wise to choose an automatic transmission for longer journeys and ensure that there is enough room for both people and luggage to travel together in comfort. It is also a good idea to select an engine with enough power to cope with highway driving and can travel at speed for lengthy periods.

A vehicle such as a Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 litre automatic would be ideal, it can cope with five adults, their luggage and is a good cruising car.

Grand Touring

Thailand has a diversity of countryside that is most appealing to the eye but sometimes challenging for a Grand Tour in a car. Roads off the main highways can be very difficult to navigate especially in areas such as the mountainous regions of the north.

If you are uncertain exactly where you intend to go on your grand touring holiday of the Land of Smiles, you are really best opting for an SUV. Maks Car Rental can offer ideal SUV’s for such a journey: Isuzu MUXMitsubishi Pajero, and Toyota Fortuner.

Whatever you are planning, a short shopping trip or a lengthy drive to Chiang Mai, MAKS Car Hire has the vehicle that is perfect for you. Contact MAKS today to book your car hire in Pattaya, and discuss with them your plans. They will then suggest what car is the best to hire and ensure it is fully serviced and all ready to go.