MAKS Car Rental has an enormous inventory of rental cars trucks, SUVs, and minibuses to serve the Pattaya and surrounding areas. When you choose MAKS Rental Car as your service provider you can rely on their professional service, and well maintained late model vehicles. The process to rent is simple, anyone over 18 with a valid drivers license may rent from MAKS, and no credit card deposit is required except for Thai citizens. Reserve your vehicle now from among the fleet of over 80 rentals available in Pattaya, and take free delivery of your rental with a 7 day or more rental period.


What is Available for Truck, SUV, and Minibus Rental in Pattaya

Truck Rental in Pattaya

In the truck category MAKS has the Mitsubishi Triton, with model years ranging from 2010 – 2015. All truck are impeccably maintained to the manufactures suggestion. The Triton is a 4 door truck with plenty of cargo space in the bed of the truck. The engine is a solid 2.5 Liter diesel with lots of torque. There are various colors and model years available and rental rates start around 700-750 per day during slow season.

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SUV Rental in Pattaya

In addition to the Triton there are a number of SUVs to choose from for rent at MAKS Car Rental in Pattaya. Isuzu is offered in two trim levels, the MU7 and the MUX with model years ranging from 2010 – 2014, and the Mitsubishi Pajero from 2010 – 2013 model years, or the newer class ranging from 2013 – 2015.


Minibus Rental in Pattaya

MAKS Car Rental has minibuses for rent available in their fleet. The Minibus for rent is the 2012 Toyota Ventury, seating 11 passengers, with a 2.7 liter gas/lpg engine. Get a discounted rate for rentals over 25 days on the minibus.


What is the cost to Rent a Truck or SUV in Pattaya

The minimum required insurance is built into the rate of the rental car or truck automatically. Free GPS is included and one car seat for a child is included in the standard rate. There is free local delivery included for renters that choose a term at least 7 days. Airport transfer can also be arranged from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok for only 1600 THB. The daily rates change, they tend to be less during the slow season, May – October, and the peak rates are from November to April each year.

One thing is certain MAKS always stays competitive and often times will be less than the big international companies offering similar cars and trucks for rent in Pattaya.


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