Pattaya, Thailand is a popular seaside resort town just two hours south of Bangkok. It is the nearest beach city to the Thai capital, and arguably the least expensive beach resort town in Thailand. It is centrally located making travel from Pattaya quick and easy. In Pattaya and the surrounding areaS there are numerous activities for your Pattaya Vacation. From shopping, golf, water sports, national parks, beaches, water parks, themed resorts, and of course the nightlife and bar scene Pattaya without a doubt, has something for everyone.

MAKs Car Rental is often the first point of contact for guests visiting Pattaya. With our rental car delivery service to local hotels, or the option of delivery at the airport in Bangkok chances are you will meet one of our staff at the beginning of your trip. We got together to pool our ideas and talk about all the best things to see and do in and around Pattaya and this is what we have come up with.



Is home to Pattaya's Asia-largest seaside shopping the mall. Central Festival Pattaya is literally command right AT the heart of Pattaya's the half moon bay with a six floors of windows of Overlooking the beach for some magnificent sunsets. There are department stores, dining options, and name brands from around the world all showcased in the mall. On the other side of town, you will find the Pattaya Floating Market. The floating market has traditional Thai items unique to each distinct area of Thailand. For the best in foods, fabrics, and hand made Thailand housewares, art, and miscellaneous a trip to the Floating Market should not be missed. It is styled after the real floating markets that have been part of Thai culture for generations.



There are over 20 courses Placement Within an golf hours drive of Pattaya. The Siam Country Club WAS the home to the Honda the LPGA 2012. This course the is only 15 minutes from downtown and boasts 3 different courses. Great for all level of golfers. The old course is the most mature, with large trees and narrow fairways and presents a great challenge for skilled players. Of The the Phoenix the Golf Course then the Gold is a bit Further out of town, a Perhaps the half hour drive out of Na Jomtien Toward. The Phoenix Gold has undergone a complete transformation over the last two years after it was acquired by the current owner. She had Darren Clarke do the design who is famous for designing the Moyvallye Golf Club in Dublin, Ireland. Luxury Homes will begin to be developed on this course in 2016.

Water Sports

There are so many water sports to choose from. Na Jomtien has yachting, and sailing. There are several sailing schools near the marina that will cater to all skill levels. SCUBA diving is available at numerous locations. Windsurfing is available at several beaches. Every morning Pattaya Beach is filled with people parasailing. There are jet ski rentals available at most beaches as well as the banana boats that get towed behind speed boats. Something really different For fly like a bird and swim like a fish's AT Pattaya Flyboarding .


National Parks and Outdoor Stuff

There are several national parks near Pattaya. Khao Yai national Park has a waterfall visitors can hike to and is a little over an hour outside of town. Khao Laemya National Park is in Rayong about an hours drive and it is most well known for breathtaking sunsets that encompass the horizon from the mountain to the sea in the distance. The added elevation makes the sunset last an unusually long time.

There are the Then statement of outdoor adventures for the adrenaline junkies. Treetop adventures Allows you to the zip line through the forest. The ATV Pattaya Jungle Adventures rents Both Quads, and has Motorcross tours. There are four levels of motorcross tours so experienced riders can push their limits, while newer riders can get to have some fun in the mud.

** Special Note: With Great Risk Comes Great Reward, if you brave these adventures during the rainy season you have a much better chance of finding awesome waterfalls, and getting in some serious mud time, this is not for everyone, only those looking to get down and dirty.


Beaches and Islands

Pattaya has a number of beaches around it. Pattaya Beach the most famous is the main beach where Central Festival is, and it stretches south to Walking Street and the Bali Hai Pier, and reaches north toward Nakluea. It is 4 km of golden sands, and quite crowded, wonderful for people watching. Jomtien Beach stretches 6 km and although has many restaurants and hotels along it, has no where near the crowds that Pattaya has. Consider it the locals alternative to the tourist beach. In between those two are Cozy Beach and Dongtang Beaches. These are off the beaten path, and considerably less crowded.

There are also a number of island near by. The closest one is Koh Larn, which is a just a 20 minute speed boat ride from Bali Hai Pier, or a 1 hour ferry for 30 baht. Then there is Koh Samet, Koh Si Chang, and Koh Chang all with their own appeal.

Pattaya makes enjoying yourself and relaxing on vacation quite easy. There are so many things to see and do in this city that never sleeps. Beaches, shopping, shopping on the beach, islands, waterfalls, mudslides, and flying like a bird are all possible on your vacation to the land of Smiles.



Pattaya Beach has so many things to see and do we could not fit them all into one blog post. We are going to continue this article with a part 2 series shortly where we will give you more details about some of the unique things that you will only find in Pattaya.