Road Trip From Pattaya To Kanchanaburi

This fairly short road trip from the seaside resort of Pattaya to the charming provincial town of Kanchanaburi passes through some of the most intriguing countryside that central Thailand has to offer.

Kanchanaburi is most famous for its association with WWII and the Allied prisoners of war who worked on the railroad to Burma. But Kanchanaburi is really the gateway to Thailand’s “wild-west”.

The route we take for this road trip from Pattaya, circles Bangkok and goes through Nakhon Pathom, before the final destination of Kanchanaburi. It is approximately 300 kilometers between the start point and the destination, but all really depends on diversions etc.

On The Road To Bangkok

For this road trip we decided to do our exploring after leaving Bangkok. So the first leg is fairly easy, take Highway 7 from Pattaya all the way to Bangkok then follow the circular road looking for signs to Nong Khaem and the AH2.

This will find you on the west side of the Thai capital heading to Nakhom Pathom.

Nakhom Pathom

By now, if you left Pattaya at breakfast time, you will be feeling a little hungry, so the advice is to take a lunch break in Nakhon Pathom and perhaps have a little look around. For those who wish to explore a little more of this charming place even an overnight stay is recommended.

Most tourists head straight for Wat Phra Pathom Chedi, which is one of the finest Wats in Nakhom Pathom province, it also happens to be the tallest Buddhist monument in the world.

It is now time to leave the 4006 and take the 323 northwest, heading towards your destination. The 323 is actually the Sangchutto Road and for many kilometers you will be tracking the mighty Mae Klong river.

Wat Tham Seu

The next stop on the road trip is Wat Tham Sua, you cannot miss it as there is a massive Buddha image that is visible for miles. At this point it is worth pointing out that if you intend to visit the Buddha image then you will have to negotiate 157 steep steps up the hill top.

But it is worth it, from the top there are stunning views of the plains below, not to mention the 18 meters high image itself. Standing on top of the hill the verdant green paddy fields stand out like jewels, whilst the lazy Mae Klong River winds its way on its long journey.


Saying goodbye to Wat Tham Seu the final leg of the journey is ahead, and the trusty 323 takes you on to the final destination, Kanchanaburi.

Kanchanaburi is an ideal place to explore the area that lies around the town. This province is absolutely huge and there are more road trips to be had to explore the waterfalls, caves, temples, jungle and lakes that abound.

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